Smoked Ham

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Smoked Ham  

Smoked Ham Our luscious, fully cooked Jive Turkey Honey Glazed Hams are hickory smoked, spiral sliced and baked with a thick and rich honey and spice glaze. This is a PORK and not a TURKEY product. A table-ready, gourmet ham that makes any occasion truly special. Jive Turkey has one of the leanest , low-salt, smoked hams on the market today!

We select only the finest ham, then carefully trim and marinate or "put down" the pork in a blend of maple syrup and secret spices. The ham is accompanied by a glaze which can be added to impart a sweet cured flavor. Each ham is then spiral-sliced around the bone to give you ready-to-serve, uniform slices. Best served at room temperature each arrives frozen

The product is all natural. The ham contains no artificial ingredients and are only minimally processed.  Each ham is 10 to 14 lbs. Hams are in transit overnight. Reheating instructions are provided.


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  • Smoked Ham