Mexican Mole Turkey






Mexican Mole Deep Fried Turkey

An authentic Mexican mole made with chiles, chocolate and spices and nuts create this delightful turkey. This turkey is accompanied with a 16oz container of our Mole sauce which can be used to pour over the whole turkey before serving or in a dish from which your guests can drizzle over their individual servings.

The product is all natural. The turkeys contain no artificial ingredients and are only minimally processed.  Each turkey is 12 to 14 lbs. before deep frying, after frying weight varies, each turkey serves 10.  Each turkey is sold deep fried it may require defrosting and are not fully cooked, they each require heating until the internal temperature reaches 160 F or higher. Allergen Alert: The turkey is fried in 100% peanut oil.  This item is sold in a special bag which allows the skin to re-crisp when reheating and keeps the turkey juicy and moist.  Reheating instructions are provided. 

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Items included:

  • Deep Fried Mexican Mole Deep Fried Turkey