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From the very beginning, Aricka "Miss Thanksgiving" Westbrooks came up with an original idea,  She began frying turkeys in her backyard.  The results were so juicy and moist that is soon became her mission to make fried turkey available nationwide. 


Jive Turkey features 15 flavors of deep fried, tender whole turkey that is astonishingly moist inside and protected by enviably crispy and delicious skin and delicious moist meat. The turkeys are all natural with no preservatives and packaged in easy to reheat bags with instructions.


Jive Turkey started small, in a storefront in Brooklyn, NY in 2003. Jive Turkey began to ship turkeys nationwide in 2005 and the business continued to grow.  Jive Turkey then began to sell turkeys in supermarkets and specialty grocers as growth continued.  Operations and fulfillment centers are now based in Chicago, IL and the company continues to be family owned and operated.


We hope you will consider starting a tradition of your own with Jive Turkey, it's as easy as placing your online order.  Get to know us better by watching a video of about us below.