The Jive Turkey, Seasoned with Love!

The Jive Turkey, Seasoned with Love!

Posted by Jive Turkey on Jun 10th 2015


I’d like to introduce you to a product that may revolutionize your Thanksgiving.It’s a turkey, but not just any turkey, one so juicy, succulent and moist with a crispy golden skin that after trying it – most never eat roasted turkey again.It’s called a Jive Turkey and it saves hours of prep, defrosting, seasoning, basting and roasting.

You get more than a turkey when you try it, you’ll get to spend time with the family not the with the oven. This product specifically saves hours of prep and roasting time bringing a level of convenience that is attractive to an occasional cook, busy host or someone working on the holiday.

The turkeys are all natural, with no preservatives and packaged in easy to reheat bags with instructions. They are deep fried turkeys and are surprisingly heart healthy (that’s according to the American Dietetic Association).  We are so proud of this product which is sold and seasoned with love.