Jive Turkey on Dragon's Den Canada Holiday Special

Jive Turkey on Dragon's Den Canada Holiday Special

Nov 28th 2015

CLICK HERE, we want to notify you where to purchase our fried turkey in Canada!

Yes, we traveled to Canada and appeared on the Dragon's Den!

 We want all Canadians to enjoy our delicious deep fried turkey!

Check out Jive Turkey on the Holiday Special of the Dragon's Den, Wednesday Dec. 9 at 8/8:30 NT on CBC

For sale soon in Canada --  our delicious deep fried turkeys that are wildly popular because the turkeys heat in about 45 minutes and eliminate hours of prepping, defrosting, seasoning, basting and roasting or frying these turkeys produce a result that is very similar to pulling a turkey out of the fryer before serving.

Easy to heat and eat turkeys are sold in specially designed ovenable BPA free bags. The turkeys will stay juicy and moist when reheated and the bags expand in the oven to allow the skin to recrisp. The final results are very much what you would experience if you pulled the turkey out of the fryer the day you reheat it. Each turkey serves 8 to 10 people.