How To Get A Turkey - Thanksgiving 2015

How To Get A Turkey - Thanksgiving 2015

Nov 6th 2015

We sell delicious deep fried turkeys that are wildly popular because the turkeys heat in about 45 minutes and eliminate hours of prepping, defrosting, seasoning, basting and roasting or frying these turkeys produce a result that is very similar to pulling a turkey out of the fryer before serving.There are two ways to shop with us to get a turkey for Thanksgiving, the first is to:


Customers can choose from among 15 different flavors and then add a turkey to the shopping cart and checkout easily online for a turkey to be delivered to their home or office.  Be sure to select THANKSGIVING WEEK DELIVERY and the turkey will arrive on Tuesday, November 24. The deadline for ordering is November 20, 2015, to place your order click HERE.

What Gets Shipped? 

The turkey is deep fried and packaged in a ovenable bag designed for reheating. The turkey is shipped overnight frozen in an box which is lined with insulation to maintain the temperature.  Upon receipt the turkey can be frozen or stored in the refrigerator until it is ready to be heated inside the special bag.  The bag keeps the turkey juicy and moist and expands to allow the skin to re crisp.  The turkey will take between 45 minutes to an hour to heat in a pre-heated conventional oven.


Customers in CHICAGO and NEW YORK areas can pick up a turkey at several retailers that sell the turkeys for us.  To see which ones are conveniently located near you and to check if they have turkeys in stock, please click HERE.

What is it that gets sold at the retailers?

A delicious deep fried turkey, frozen or refrigerated the turkey has been deep fried and ready to reheat in an ovenable bag.  Our turkeys are designed to stay juicy and moist when using the instructions provided that tell customers exactly what to do when they get the turkey home.  The turkeys are all natural with no preservatives and the selection at these retailers features 5 different delicious whole turkey flavors.

Please note: we no longer have a restaurant location in Brooklyn, New York.