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How To Carve A Turkey Perfectly

***VERY SHARP KNIFE.*** STEP 1: REMOVE THE WISHBONEThis step isn’t absolutely necessary but it makes for an easier removal of the breast meat and wing later on. Cut along the perimeter of V-shaped wishbone to expose it. Jason Bergman for Jive Turkey With your finger, dig around the wishbone to free it from the meat. Clean and [...]

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Jive Turkey on Road Tasted!

Join us on a journey with Pat and Gina Neely as they visit Jive Turkey for deep fried turkey, of course.  This show, which airs on the Food Network, features this couple as they hit the road in search of the best handcrafted foods on Road Tasted with the Neely's  .A bit of backstory, this [...]

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The Jive Turkey, Seasoned with Love!

I’d like to introduce you to a product that may revolutionize your Thanksgiving.It’s a turkey, but not just any turkey, one so juicy, succulent and moist with a crispy golden skin that after trying it – most never eat roasted turkey again.It’s called a Jive Turkey and it saves hours of prep, defrosting, seasoning, basting and roasting.You get more than [...]

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A Jive Turkey Review - Guest Post from Lifestyle Blogger Three Little Apples

Sportin’ my sweet Jive Turkey apronThanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday! It’s a time for food (lots of it) and family! What is better than that?! (NOTHING!) I look forward to keeping old traditions alive, starting new ones, and making memories that will last a lifetime.My best memory from childhood was Thanksgiving dinner! Every year [...]

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